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2019 will be the first year that trainers will be offering the next level of certification for Soul Coaching Practitioners, the Advanced Soul Coaching program that includes the Questions for Life process, and the Clutter Clearing Quest. It features and focuses on holding a quest for the practitioners, while honing and deepening their skills as a Soul Coaching Practitioner and their business as a coach. This advanced program is also the path towards a Practitioner being able to step into the role of Trainer someday down the road.

While all SC Trainers have experienced the program, before teaching Advanced Practitioners, Trainers should have experience in working with SC students and SC content and running SC courses to be ready for the more Advanced and in-depth powerful work done in this program.


To step into the role of Trainer of Advanced, a SC Trainer needs to have taught 3 Soul Coaching certification programs AND a minimum of 8 students before they can apply for the Advanced Trainer certification. We will ask for 3 recommendations from your students, highlighting your teaching abilities, and you need to be holding an Active Trainer status within the SCII Organization and a member in good standing.

After you submit your application information, the certification course to become an Advanced Soul Coaching Trainer is a teleconference course to allow the ease of all Trainers to be able to step into this next role. The Tuition for this Advanced Soul Coaching Trainer course is $500.  After Tuition payment, the reading materials of the Curriculum and the Practitioner Advanced manual will be emailed to you to read and optionally print. Included is information to make your class a success including a curriculum outline of days, suggested activities, projects, and flow of the course. It includes other specifics on teaching this program. There will be additional content that will be also sent to you to prepare you for this sacred role.

The next step will be scheduling your teleconference training with LuAnn, to review the official curriculum for the Advanced Soul Coaching Program. (Training sessions may be scheduled as a group training with several Trainers at a time, if there are several trainers requesting this at the same time, however, it also might be a private one on one training) It gives you the Trainer, the opportunity to review any other questions or concerns you have about teaching issues, so that you step into the future confidently. This Four-hour live teleconference includes an in-depth review the additional sections of the book, including the Advanced clutter program with your opportunity to ask questions and brainstorm your first course.  You will be able to have your first Advanced course outlined and scheduled during this training session.

LuAnn will complete the training with a sacred ceremony for your ascension into this role. At the conclusion of the teleconference, you graduate as an Advanced Soul Coaching Trainer, and your new role and title will be announced in the yahoo e-group and the private Facebook community. You will receive in the mail your new Advanced Soul Coaching Trainer Certificate. Your planned ASC class will be announced in both the yahoo e-group and scheduled as events and announced in the private Facebook group by the Wisdom Council. ( We ask that within the yahoo group you do not market your classes directly, but feel free to in the private Facebook group once they are scheduled.)

This certification to Advanced Soul Coaching Trainer is a one time tuition of $500. This Includes:

  • Teleconference training and review with LuAnn to review the Advanced materials, and also review the many ways you can teach this advanced materials
  • Your upgraded listing as an Advanced SC Trainer on the website
  • An Announcement of your new certification as Advanced Soul Coaching Trainer on both social media and on our Internal Yahoo group, so that your potential student ( SC Practitioners) can be excitedly looking for your upcoming events.
  • The PDF version of the Advanced Practitioner manual for you to print for yourself and make notes on teaching ideas, as well as addition materials to all ow you to step into this sacred role.
  • The Advanced SC trainer manual on methods and curriculum formats for the  advanced program and additional processes for advanced students.
  • A printed certificate as an Advanced SC Trainer, that will be mailed to you for display.
  • Ceremony to celebrate your achievement to this Advanced Trainer level.
  • Both your regular Soul Coaching trainings and your Advanced Soul Coaching Trainings will be listed on the Facebook events page and the SCII website, as long as you maintain your Active Trainer Status.
  • Marketing of your Advanced courses to our internal e-group and our FB pages for Soul Coaching Practitioners, so that your target audience knows about your courses!

Application for Advanced Soul Coaching Trainer

To submit your students recommendations of your Soul Coaching knowledge and your teaching skills, please have them send this to