Your Featured Practitioner Listing


You are taking the next BIG step in marketing yourself as a Soul Coaching® Practitioner to a worldwide audience!

Your Shining Star Featured Coach membership level has many ways to enhance your marketing as a Soul Coaching practitioner in the world, and access to more information to take your business as a coach to the next level.

How do I start?

There are several ways you can submit your information.

You can either send this all via email to or  use this link.

First Step: Create your 300 word bio ( this may be the hardest part of the whole process!)  For ideas on what you might want to say, visit the Coaches page. We suggest that you create your bio in WORD first, and then copy and paste it into the form, so that you retrain a copy for your records. If you speak more than one language, and we have a section for your language on the site, please feel free have submit in both languages.

Second Step: Find a fabulous photo of yourself!  This is head shot, and we want it to be 500 by 500 pixels. The pictures should be in  jpg or png format. If you have no idea how to do that, just send me what you have, and I can crop and adjust it!

Third Step: Email me you bio, all your contact information to be placed on the internet and your picture to



Are you ready to SHINE?

You can mail a check in $120 USD to:

LuAnn Cibik
Soul Coaching International Institute
825 Lovers Leap Rd
Leechburg PA 15656

Or use Paypal to send  $120 USD via checking account or credit card:

Goodies for Shining Star Soul Coaching Practitioners

Featured Listing on the website

This is the website that Denise Linn recommends to anyone looking for a Soul Coaching Practitioner. It’s listed in her Soul Coaching books, and linked to by her website. It’s the place where people already excited about experiencing a Soul Coaching program come for more information.  While we list everyone licensed on the website, this gives you a greater presence on the SOUL COACHING PRACTITIONER page, with your photo, bio and any and all the contact information you wish to give. It authenticates your training and your professionalism in Soul Coaching, and also boost your own marketing efforts through linking to your sites.

List Your Events

Shining Stars can have their Soul Coaching group programs or workshops listed on the public website as a part of this membership level. Use this link to submit your program ( allow a business day for it to be added. it’s a manual process!!)

Submit My Soul Coaching EVENT for publication!

Be Featured  in our Newsletter

If you are working on marketing your business, one of the best things you can do is write… articles for newspapers, blogs, your own email newsletter, etc. And, we would love to share what you have already created ( or create on just for us… we would be delighted)

Articles should be about 300-500 words in length (and should related to some aspect or philosophy or Soul Coaching) . Deadline for monthly publication is the 1st of the month!

Send you submissions to

And we also love sharing about our Shining Stars in our monthly e-newsletter… and if you would like to be one of our features, let us know, and we will schedule an interview time! Ask to be scheduled in conjunction with one of your events, for extra benefit in your marketing!

Facebook Fan Page

We have a Fan Page on Facebook with a great following!  Shining Star should send us their business Facebook page, and SCII will LIKE it… (and we would love if you Liked us too)  We routinely feature our Shining Star Practitioners there. We consider you one of our Faces of Soul Coaching… and we are proud to promote you!

You can benefit even more if you have a blog, created image cards and quotes or have a Facebook video  that is about Soul Coaching, please let us know and we will share it on our page! (see the information below for criteria for the items we want to post!)

Please contact us at with a link to your business fan page, or to send a link to any of your posts from your business page that you would like us to share.

More Bonuses!

As Shining Star members in Soul Coaching, you are also a Shining Star member of The Linn Academy.  Look for even more bonus content there in the fall of 2018 for information on how to promote your business of bringing the benefits of Soul Coaching to even more wonderful clients who are just waiting to find YOU!

Yes! I'm a Star!

For you convenience you can use Paypal to send your payment of $120 for a year.

Becoming a Shining Star Now!

Submission criteria for the Soul Coaching® Public Fan Page


Social media is the hot spot for marketing and we want to help you ramp up your game. The Media Team is launching an ambitious project to share your posts and videos from your Facebook business page onto our page. This should ramp up your page by getting likes and shares from us, and also associate your work with the Soul Coaching® Brand. (We are proud of you!)

What are we looking to share?  It can be blogs, videos, images (these need to be your original images and quotes or images that you have created from a royalty free source). As we share your content we are promoting you as the ‘one of the faces of Soul Coaching®’.

It would be a really time consuming and difficult project for us to go looking for content to share, so in order for us to help you shine, we need you to help US… by sending us links to the content you want to share on the SC Fan Page. You can send the link to or even better, go to our public Facebook page and send us a message there with the link. Below is the information for how to craft those submissions for the page.

We are excited to see what you are sharing and doing in the world. It’s our hope that this lights a fire for you to become more active on your social media as well.  And if nothing else, send us the link to your business page on Facebook, so that we can like it from the Soul Coaching® Business Page!

Check out the content already on the SC Fan page, so that you can see the kinds of things we are looking for! We can’t wait to see you shining there too!

Fan Page Submission criteria

As with everything in Soul Coaching, the emphasis and content for video, blog or image post should be an uplifting and inspirational message that resonates with Soul Coaching® philosophy, events and coaching work; gracious, compassionate, encouraging energy.

We want the submission to be a link to a post on your own business Facebook page. (This post can be a video, blog link, or image card and message)

Content can be your own story, a client “ah-ha”, project to do, tip of the day, affirmation to share, etc. Anything that we talk about or do in the Soul Coaching® Practitioner manual is perfect.

While you can mention other things or modalities (like Feng Shui or Reiki or dreaming) this should be kept to a minimum. You can mention Soul Coaching® sessions, upcoming SC groups and workshops but it should not be the focus of the content. It should be a tiny mention (something like, “I am offering some special programs in this and you can find out more on my website at www……”)

For Videos:

  • Keep the video between 4-5 minutes long for best engagement
  • Take the time to assure you and your background look professional
  • You can include your contact info, but that should not be a huge part of the video. We offer this advice as a part of best practices in social media… You want to engage your viewer or reader… not always sell to them.
  • We also want to keep the content on our Soul Coaching® Page about Soul Coaching® and our practitioners. So for your content to be included, please don’t mention other systems or teachers. While they may be great, we are on a mission for Soul Coaching® to be the star (that means YOU).

For Images/Image cards:

  • They should be your original images or royalty free images.
  • The wording on the images should be your own words, or from Soul Coaching® (please, no quotes from other people).
  • You can and should have your website mentioned (tiny print somewhere).
  • You may also use the Soul Coaching® Practitioner logo there if you like (you can find this logo in our practitioner drop box file)

For Blog Posts:

  • Post the blog on your Facebook Business Page first.
  • Send us the link to that post.
  • If you like, we may also use your blog article in our Soul Coaching® Newsletter.